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Friday, September 07, 2007

come on Ming

Ming Campbell has called for the members of the public to write a British Constitution… and then put it to a national referendum.

That doesn't sit very easily with not holding a referendum on the Constitutional Treaty.

He says: "As a first step, a written constitution is essential to ensure that the sovereignty of the citizen is established."

This, he argued, should be partly written by members of the public chosen by a lottery, before being approved by a nationwide referendum. "


Anonymous said...

He is attempting to keep both sides happy - Typical Lib Dem wants to please all the people all the time... I am nit able to give you a constructive and useful reply - the whole thing makes me mad - role on a referendum I say...
jo. Eastbourne

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the spelling error, I meant not but typed nit. jo

Anonymous said...

He isn't alone.

In todays Observer there is a report that Labour's new Scottish leader, Wendy Alexander, has said that Labour will agree to a referendum on Scottish independence in 2010.

Sister to Brown's election co-ordinator Douglas Alexander, she is as close to Brown as you can get, and the PM will have sactioned this change of policy.

The report says that labour sources had no comment. Not surprising as this is the last thing Brown wants to come out before the general election.