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Thursday, April 16, 2009

No idea

In an interview with France Inter the other day French Europe Minister Bruno Le Maire was asked whether the defiance the French and Europeans in general now show the EU institutions is perhaps explained by "these referendums which seem to be scorned when there's a 'no' vote, and the idea that there should be a revote until there is a 'yes'?"

His reply is classic question-avoidance and the usual waffle about people not understanding the EU.

"I think the definance is explained by several phenomena. The first is a lack of knowledge about what Europe is today. How does it function? How does it take decisions? In the name of what legitimacy? And to what end?

The second reason which, I believe, also matters, is the incapacity we sometimes have in making people understand the gravity of the issues, what Europe can represent tomorrow. It is up to us to change that in the months and weeks to come."


Anonymous said...

EU staff are paid so much, & lie so much, yet in human terms they are worth so very little. When will the awful EU nightmare end? Please, please soon!

Anonymous said...

Well, Caroline Flint is the right example to know where the ignorance of the EU documents is... being a french, we have clearly seen during the 2005 debate where the ignorance was .. probably one of the reason why no debate is organized on the european elections.. a real debate may just made them ridiculous.

Volo lowcost said...

Good questions..interesting post!